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Bode and Courtney

Bode and Courtney

We spent nearly a week up at the camper and are back before the 4th of July. Bode absolutely LOVED riding in the tube behind the boat. He decided Dad was a better boat driver than Mom. Mom’s ride was too scary. Oh well…I ended up riding in the tube a lot with him and with Courtney. She thought it was great fun and didn’t want to go too fast. I did learn to take my wakeboard run first. Otherwise, my arms and hands were already fatigued when I tried to wakeboard. The weather wasn’t super warm, but we got a number of boating times in. Aaron’s aunt and uncle were super nice and even put Courtney to sleep in the boat a number of times. She has a tendency to fall asleep when the boat starts running.

The kids enjoy being at the camper. Bode did tons of coloring and it is fun to watch his choices there expand. He also is getting to be quite the reader. It’s amazing to me, but he can make his way through a number of easy books. He tries to read EVERYTHING…shirts, signs, etc. Riding in the car with him is like having a police officer in the back seat. He tells you what all the signs say and lets you know about the solid and dotted lines and what you should and shouldn’t be doing! It’s fun and funny. Courtney loves riding on the 4-wheeler and, much like the boat, has a tendency to be lulled to sleep on it.

Once again the dogs did not get on our good side. I let them out of their kennel one morning and within minutes had encountered a skunk…again. Arghhh! Stinky dogs. They’re not too bad now.

We came back early so Aaron could go skydive with some friends that had been bugging him to compete on a team for the weekend. We’ll join him at the DZ on the 4th for a day of fun hanging out and visiting with friends. Eventually Monday morning will roll around and I’ll be back to reality. Until then, I’m enjoying this time away from work!

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