For the past 4 years, we’ve ventured north at Christmas time.  Most people in Minnesota dream about warmer weather to the south and head that way but not us!  We like to get up to check on our land near Moose Lake and play around in the snow.  And since we’re already that far north, we keep on going on up to Duluth.  I think Lake Superior has a magical draw on all 4 of us.

We started out by checking out the snow level.

Anyone up for a picnic?

We plowed the snow to get to the shed, shoveled off the bridge and built a snow hut.  It was nice to see that Bode’s teepee he had started building in the fall was still standing.

Bode & his teepee

After a couple hours, we were chilled, hungry and ready to head to Duluth, so we got in the truck and headed north.  After checking into the hotel and going for a short swim, we had the light display at Bentleyville on our to-do list for the night.  I love the lights on the shore of Lake Superior and the kids love visiting with Santa.  They also like that you get a hat and cookies after you see Santa.

Santa: What would you like for Christmas?

Courtney:  Anything

Bode: Beautiful Katamari and the dog version of Life

Visiting with Santa

Mostly it was too cold to take your hands out of your mittens to take a picture.  However, Aaron did brave the cold and sacrifice his comfort to take a few pictures as we caught ships going through the canal.

Duluth's aerial lift bridge is up to let the ship pass through


Algoma Olympic heading out to Lake Superior after loading coal in Superior

Want to know more about the Algoma Olympic ship?

I love the ice and steam on the lake.  What was the temperature while we out watching the ships?  I think it was -10 F or something.  Don’t worry about us though.  When we weren’t dressing in multiple layers to brave the weather outside, we were enjoying the heated indoor waterpark.  The kids say it was a great time, so why would we go south?