“It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…”  And that’s the closest you’ll get to me singing for you.  It’s lightly snowing here tonight and finally looking a little like winter.  If we weren’t already thinking about skiing, this would do it, but we often are and have several days on the hill already.  I’ve decided to give you the…

Top 10 Hislop Highlights of 2012
…or at least 10 things that may have happened in no particular order.

  1. Braces
    Bode got braces across his upper front teeth to coordinate with the appliance he already had.  He is not impressed with being a frequent visitor to the orthodontist, but he is putting up with it well.
  2. Helicopter skiing in British Columbia
    This was an amazing trip we planned with a friend.  Aaron and I skied like celebrities, getting picked up in the helicopter and dropped off on the mountain for an awesome week of skiing.  No chair lifts were necessary.
  3. Inline skate races
    Aaron and I skated in the Northshore Inline Skate Marathon again.  It was a beautiful day.  Aaron ditched me after 3 miles, but the race went well for both of us with new personal best times.  The kids skated in the Kids Sprints the night before and did well too.  Courtney had a first place win in the girls 5 and under group again.
  4. Dog
    After saying goodbye to our 12 year old lab, Wednesday, we welcomed Old Hemlock Blue Sky into our family.  She is an English Setter that thinks Bode is another puppy.  We took a quick trip to New York in July to pick her up.
  5. Skiing
    Both kids love to ski and got a lot of ski days and nights while Aaron and/or I patrolled at Welch Village.   We’ll see if we get more skiing than last year.
  6. Wolves
    Maybe you heard about our wolf encounter and maybe you didn’t.  I’ll just say that 3 full size wolves running at you is mighty intimidating and not something I’ll be forgetting soon.
  7.  Kindergarten
    Courtney started kindergarten this year.  It’s going well and she likes it a lot.  I love how fast she’s learning to read now.  Before you know it, she’ll be blasting through the books like Bode.

Well, this was supposed to be 10 items.  Lots of exciting things happened this year mixed with lots of wonderful ordinary activities that make it life.  I’m stopping at 7 so that I can get this posted and go to sleep.  Maybe I’ll come back with a few more, but maybe I won’t.  🙂  Either way, happy holidays to you and your families!  I’m glad we got to spend time with so many people this year and looking forward to those we’ll be seeing next year.

Johanna, Aaron, Bode & Courtney