Wow.  I was not expecting such a nice day today.  I guess it was -1 to start, but I didn’t make it out to camperland until almost noon and it had warmed up.  Lots of snow still on the ground, but we spent the afternoon outside and even had our first campfire lunch of hotdogs at the picnic table.  The river has started to thaw.  The iron-tinted ice was cool.  Even cooler were the turkey prints all over the yard…mixed with deer and other animals.  We took a walk across the bridge into the woods and found lots of fairly deep powdery snow.  Kids even got a little sledding in before we left.

Can’t forget the stop at the Donut Shop this morning for treats after being spoiled at Bill and Babe’s.  The kids loved their Koala cookies.

I think Wednesday enjoyed the day too.  She got to run around and even found last year’s bear skull to haul around.

Now we’re on our way home.  Even though the drive is long, I’m reminded of why I do it.  I love it up there.  I love being outside.  And I love teaching the kids to enjoy it too.