What a cutie!  Courtney got excited when she found these sunglasses recently.  They used to be Bode’s, but they fit her perfectly now.  You never know what hat she’s going to select when it’s time to go.  This day it was the baby hat with the bear ears.

With Aaron and Bode up taking care of stuff at the camper, it has been a Mom and Courtney weekend.  We’ve been hanging out and reading books and playing.  She’s supposed to be napping right now but decided not to.  She didn’t nap last weekend either!

Courtney is getting to be a big girl.  She has spent a lot of her daycare time in the past couple weeks in the next classroom up.  They say she’s been doing a great job there.  Courtney comes home talking about her friends in that classroom.  Some of them used to be in the toddler room with her several months ago.  New toys and activities are fun too.

Right now Courtney is picking out clothes so we can go to the store.  She’s adding a miniskirt and pink striped tights.  It goes pretty well with the pink t-shirt she has on.  Courtney got the pink t-shirt when Uncle Derik came to visit last week.  She’s worn it at least 5 times already…about as fast as I can wash it.  If it’s clean, she’ll put on.  Well, I better go help her finish getting her tights on.  She’s doing a great job.

Lots of new pictures added to the photo gallery for March and even some for February.  Go check out Courtney on the 4-wheeler.  Too cute!