Woh…I haven’t been keeping up over here.  I’ve been posting pictures from time to time over in the photo gallery, but I haven’t put post here in way too long. 

Courtney turned 2!  We had a small party at home on her birthday with our family and then grandma and the young aunts and uncles came over on Halloween for trick-or-treating and more birthday celebration.  Courtney especially loved the stroller from Uncle Al and Aunt Holly.  Bode loved it too.  Trick-or-treating was a hit.  Aaron and I took the 6 kids out while my mom stayed and handed out candy at our place.  They hauled in a lot of loot and we’re still working our way through it.

Bode decided recently that he didn’t want to wear diapers to bed anymore, even though he was wet most mornings.  So far we’re having pretty good success and I haven’t had to do too much extra laundry.  Courtney still isn’t using the potty but she sits on it.  She’s getting good at taking her own diaper off.  A little too good when I come check on her at nap time and find her naked.

Court’s words are expanding like crazy these days.  She’s putting together short sentences and I’ve noticed Bode has some conversations with her where she responds with very simple answers.  Here are a few things that Bode has said recently.

Why don’t we go skiing anymore?

They are healthy in moderation.

Court…don’t look at me.  I don’t want to see your eyeballs.

Court is killing me.

You’re hurting my bones.

Does fish have juice inside of it?

He then proceeded to try to suck juice out of a tilapia fillet.

I was amazed how well the kids ate dinner tonight.  We had tilapia, squash and green beans.  Early in the meal I asked Bode what his favorite part of the meal was and he said the milk.  Shortly after that, he said he ate all his food and would like more of everything!  Both kids ate a lot of everything and there were nearly tears at the end when we ran out of squash.  In the future, we’re going to have to make two squashes if we want to actually get some.  We were lucky that Aaron wasn’t here eating squash too since he now likes it as well.  I have a squash-loving family!