We spent a long 4th of July weekend up in Moose Lake.  We took off after work on Wednesday and stayed up there through Sunday.  That was nice.  However, we spent less time on our property than normal.  We brought up our boat and docked it at Aaron’s aunt and uncle’s place.  It was a beautiful weekend for spending time out on the lake in and behind the boat.  It is a little lake, but it wasn’t very busy.  We got in some needed wakeboarding.  Bode even went for his first ride on the tube behind the boat.  He loved it!!  Courtney fell asleep nearly every time she got in the boat.  It must lull her to sleep.  Aaron’s aunt and uncle took good care of us and the others there, even having picked up DQ treats a couple days ahead so that we could eat Dilly Bars after the fireworks! 

The pictures above are from when we were waiting for the parade to start on the 4th.  We were sitting along the road and the kids kept wanting to go sit by the lake edge, which was just a few feet away.  It made a great background.  We had to walk past the line-up of floats on our way and had received beads from some nice ladies on one.  The kids got the hang of gathering the candy.  Courtney wanted to just eat it as fast as she could grab it.  However, once the candy was out of sight later, they completely forgot about it.