April 2008

Bode and Kids and Outdoors21 Apr 2008 08:08 pm

Bode in a treeBode has been asking to go to the land for weeks.  He loves wandering around outside and staying in our camper home.  Last weekend we took the kids up for a couple days.  We had a good time despite (or maybe because of) the mud.  It definitely was soggy up there.  Bode and I went for a long walk in the woods and stomped on the little pockets of snow that were left.  Courtney rode in the backpack carrier and enjoyed the effortless ride.  When I asked her how she was doing, she said “ga”, which sounded like “good” to me.  She kept responding like that every time I asked.

Bode spent most of the weekend outside walking around.  The rubber pants and boots were immensely helpful as he fell in the mud and several puddles.  On Saturday Bode went with Dad and Uncle Bill to haul junk to the salvage yard in Pine City.  He enjoyed watching the big machines move the junk around and getting to have ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Courtney and I enjoyed a nap in the camper.  The dogs enjoyed running around outside all day long.

Now we’re back.  Mounds of muddy laundry await.  Swimming class is tomorrow.  Bode is excited to go.  Last week he listened very well and tried to do the activities.  He loves being in the pool.  Maybe Courtney will enjoy it more this time.  We can hope!

Courtney and Kids15 Apr 2008 08:34 pm

courtneyCourtney made another jump in the world of growing up.  Since Saturday, she’s been sleeping in her toddler bed for naps and at night.  The side of her crib switches to a low edge to make the toddler bed.  We switched her over because in less than two months she’ll be back at daycare and needing to take her naps on a cot rather than a crib.  She also would throw her things out of the crib and then get mad that she couldn’t get them.  After the first two attempts at naps, I was wondering whether this was really going to work.  Bode was a few months older than this when we switched him to the same bed.  I told her that night that she had one chance to sleep in her bed, otherwise she was going to the pack n play, and amazingly she went right to sleep.  It’s been getting better every day and she really has been cooperating quite well.

Talking is coming slowly.  She has started to mimic us with words like “banana”, “tickle tickle” and “stop”.  Not being able to get her point across frustrates her.  It’s time to start talking!

 Swimming class started tonight.  It started out well but less than half way through she decided she didn’t like it more and started screaming.  Oh my!  She was loud and many of the kids in her class were screaming simultaneously.  That was the loudest swimming class I’ve ever been to.  I’m hoping next week is better!

Bode and Courtney and Kids15 Apr 2008 08:24 pm

kids at the zoo

Here’s a cute pic of some of the kids at the Minnesota Zoo a couple weeks ago.  Aaron had headed north to destroy the old green camper and I met up with my mom at the zoo.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed being outside with just sweatshirts on instead of heavy coats for a change.  Courtney and Ava rode around in the strollers while Bode, Jon, Ben and Mariah ran around from exhibit to exhibit.  Bode said his favorite part was the stinky pigs!  He thought Courtney’s favorite part was the cows.  I’m not sure if she paid attention to the cows or not.