February 2008

Bode and Courtney and Kids13 Feb 2008 09:01 pm

The kids have been a lot of fun lately.  Courtney is getting more personality and starting to show desires.  She loves sitting on the big chairs at the table to read books and play.  She also enjoys finding books and then sitting in your lap with them.  She usually backs up to end up on your lap.  Bode has also grown with his communication and now asks Courtney to play with him.  I love seeing them play with each other.  Of course they are still kids that pick fights with each other.  They fought over who got to play with the empty trashcan the other day.  In the end neither got it.  It was supposed to be under the counter.

Courtney still doesn’t say much beyond Mom, Dad and more.  Aaron heard her say “up” today when she wanted to get on the couch.  I’m hoping she starts picking up words soon as her grunts and whines to get what she wants are getting louder.  She’ll use a little sign language but not much.  Bode is enjoying the signs.

Bode and Kids and Outdoors03 Feb 2008 08:31 pm

Aaron and Bode on the chair lift

We had a fun day of skiing at Welch Village today.  I had a flight scheduled for later in the day for work but decided we could spend a little Bode time today before I had to go.  I felt bad that Courtney missed out.  She spent the day with one of our friends.  Bode started out the day with a lack of effort but that seemed to turn around after eating a few snacks.  He had a good time skiing and didn’t want to leave in the end.  We hurried back to pick up Courtney and take me to the airport.  However, the airline called shortly before we were leaving to say the flight was cancelled due to air traffic control at O’Hare.  I’m rescheduled to a new flight in the morning and we had some more Bode and Courtney time.