November 2007

Bode15 Nov 2007 08:24 pm

Bode vacuuming

That’s what Bode had to say after we got a new vacuum cleaner.  He loves to vacuum.  🙂  Maybe his interest in vacuuming will last longer than mine.  Right now it is a novelty.  I am amazed by how much dog hair I can keep picking up each day.  It’s a Dyson Animal DC17 and it nearly drives itself.

Courtney and Family and Kids11 Nov 2007 03:16 pm

Courtney Halloween

Courtney got dressed up as a puppy for halloween.  I’m glad she was able to walk then because it helped her move around in the costume.  She didn’t go trick-or-treating, but she did wear the costume to daycare and then again for a bit when trick-or-treaters came to our house.  Bode visited grandma and grandpa’s house for halloween.  He got dressed up as a lion.

Courtney went in for her 1 year checkup.  She weighed 24 pounds and the gains have stabilized for now.  All was good except that she had the start of an ear infection in one ear.  She’s doing really well walking around.  She’s good at climbing stairs but doesn’t quite understand the dangers of going down them.  If we didn’t have gates, she’d probably walk right over the edge.  Right now she’ll crawl to the edge and start going down head first!  Two more teeth have poked through on the top.  Our little girl is growing fast.