September 2007

Bode and Courtney and Family and Kids and Outdoors25 Sep 2007 08:24 pm

Bode fishingWe’ve been up to our land a few times recently.  One of Bode’s favorite things to do at our “camper home” is to go fishing.  He has the plastic fish on the end and casts it out into the river.  He’s getting better at it all the time.  Courtney hangs out in the backpack carrier.  If we walk too far, Bode asks to be carried on Mom’s tummy.  Carrying both kids at the same time is quite a bit of work.

The leaves are changing and it’s getting really pretty in the woods.  I love that the kids enjoy being outside.

Family and Outdoors08 Sep 2007 09:53 pm

I finally have updated the photo gallery with pictures from our trip to Yellowstone a couple weeks ago.  Check them out when you have a chance.

Uncategorized08 Sep 2007 09:09 pm does not exist.  It was just a matter of time before my hosting for it expired. is still the place to be for all your Hislop news.  If I ever get some time, I may bring over more of the early pictures.  Enjoy your time here.