July 2007

Bode and Kids28 Jul 2007 08:02 pm

Bode's stop signs

Bode turned 3 on July 20.  He celebrated the day by having Uncle Jon come over and join us for a weekend up at the camper.  Before we headed up there, Bode opened a couple presents at home.  I got him some wooden lace up cards that he has been loving.  The stop sign was an immediate hit.  He still is obsessed with stop signs.  Bode had been at ABC Toy Zone with us a month ago and had seen the stop sign at the store.  For the first time, he asked to take something home.  We didn’t get it that day, but I remembered that when I was shopping there for his birthday.  We celebrated his birthday more with a Dairy Queen blizzard cake and candles in the camper.  We still had cake left over at the end of the weekend so we stopped and shared it with Bill, Babe, Brent, Danielle and Aiden.  Lots of celebrating and lots of fun for a birthday weekend.

Uncategorized28 Jul 2007 07:49 pm

laptop lunch 

I got a new lunchbox and carrying case for my birthday.  My mom bought Bode and me each a Laptop Lunch System.  I’ve been using mine and enjoying it.  It helps eliminate using disposable bags or having to cram five random plastic containers into my lunch bag.  Bode starts school again in September and I’ll need to make his lunches.  I think this will help make it a little more enjoyable.  It should also be easy for him to access his food.

Now if you think I’m a little crazy for taking a picture of my food, you should check out the pictures of other people’s laptop lunches on flickr.  It’s unreal…hundreds of people sharing thousands of pictures of lunches in bento boxes.  I’m a little jealous of some of those creations.

Courtney and Kids11 Jul 2007 10:03 am

Courtney eating an ice cream cone.

Courtney is here to issue a public service announcement to eat more ice cream cones.  This was her first experience, and she loved it!  I didn’t take pictures of the sad girl when the ice cream was taken away.