June 2007

Courtney and Kids23 Jun 2007 09:31 pm

pics of Courtney

I’ve been slacking on posts to the site, but I have been putting out pictures occasionally.  I was home with the kids today without Aaron suggesting projects.  As is typical, our entertainment was taking some pictures.  It was about time to get some more of Courtney anyway.  She is usually sleeping in the camper while I’m out entertaining Bode and taking pictures up on our land.

I took some of Courtney wearing a couple dresses that were mine when I was a baby.  The pink one was a little snug, but leaving the top button undone in the back let it work.  We’ll have to see if these trigger any thoughts of Courtney looking like me from my mom.  I think she remembers me wearing these outfits like it was yesterday.

Bode and Kids23 Jun 2007 08:34 pm

Bode stop sign

Bode has been obsessed with stop signs for a while now.  He points them out everywhere as we’re walking or driving.  He wants to touch them and will even hug them.  We draw stop signs all over the driveway with chalk and he runs around stopping at them.  After stopping, we get to go.

He also loves the “little green road signs” that he sees everywhere, but stop signs really are a favorite.  I picked him up at daycare last week and found him playing with a toy stop sign in a play microwave.  He even has stop sign stickers that he’s been getting as a reward.

Maybe he’ll grow up and have a career in law enforcement, transportation or civil engineering.  Or maybe he can hold the stop sign in a construction zone!

Courtney and Kids23 Jun 2007 08:22 pm

Courtney in the baptism dress

Courtney was baptized on June 3 in Vernon Center.  She didn’t wear the fancy baptism dress during the ceremony, but she posed in it later.  The dress is a family treasure and the same one I wore at my baptism.  Courtney’s Godparents are Uncle Derik and Auntie Maria.