May 2007

Outdoors23 May 2007 06:40 am

bear print

Did you wonder if we had bears on our property?  I know Aaron did.  He had mentioned seeing some bear prints out in the woods before.  Last weekend he was riding around and found this cool print in some drying mud.  He brought me out to see it the next day.  This was one of the bigger bear prints.  There were some smaller ones as well as deer and other small animal prints nearby.  The mud kept a nice impression of the prints.

Courtney and Kids13 May 2007 12:48 pm


For the past week Courtney has been rolling over, but she always ended up on her back.  She wouldn’t pull out her arm from underneath her.  Today she completed the task.  I took this picture right after she got her left arm situated.  She seems happy here, but got tired of being on her tummy moments later.

Uncategorized12 May 2007 07:21 pm


A couple weeks ago I got out my skates to play with Bode.  He would ride his trike and I would skate.  I was seriously disappointed when I put on my skates to find that they were too small.  They were ok for playing for a bit and going part way around the block, but I wouldn’t want to skate a long distance on these.  I was thinking about skating the NorthShore Inline Marathon again this year, but now I would need to buy skates to do so.  It could still happen.

I had always heard that pregnancy causes changes to the feet.  I hadn’t really noticed a change with my regular shoes after Bode was born.  I’m not sure if I had used my skates since Bode was born.  Tragic!  Recently I tried on a pair of running shoes that seemed to have progressively gotten smaller over the years.  I had replaced them a while back since running in them was no longer enjoyable.  When I put them on, I found that there was not a chance of wearing them around.  Way too small!  With the experience of those shoes and my skates, I’m amazed any of my shoes fit.  I’m just glad they do.

Courtney and Kids11 May 2007 08:48 pm

Courtney sitting up.Look at this little cutie!  With the warm weather, Courtney and I decided to go spend a little time outside.  Of course the camera had to come too.  She’s showing off one of her newest skills…sitting up on her own!

What else is new with Courtney?  She’s been tackling the world of food.  She’d been eating just rice cereal for a while, but now we’ve added in some vegetables.  They have all been well received.  Courtney is eating squash, peas, sweet potatoes and soon to be more.


Bode and Kids11 May 2007 08:39 pm

Bode and the scooterWhat can Brown do for you?  Yesterday Brown delivered this cute Kettler Roller Skiddy.  So, you’re probably wondering why I say it was $2000.  I actually only paid $9.95 in shipping for it last week.  What a deal!  Well, in order to get the scooter, I saved up Pampers Gifts to Grow points from Bode and Courtney’s diapers for the last year.  I’m not exactly sure how many dollars of diapers we had to buy to get the 300 points but it is over a thousand.  Yikes!  In the end I like to think that I would have spent the money on diapers anyway and just ended up with a bonus scooter.

Courtney and Kids04 May 2007 06:48 am

Courtney went in for her 6 month checkup on May 2.  She weighed in at 18 pounds 2 ounces and was 26 1/2 inches long.  She’s growing well.  The only down side to the appointment was finding out she still had an ear infection in both ears…a persistent resistant ear infection.  We’re hoping this third medication will get rid of it and that she’ll be ear infection-free for quite some time.

 No new pictures at the moment, but I’ll try to come up with some soon.   There might even be some waiting on the camera already