March 2007

Bode and Courtney and Kids27 Mar 2007 08:18 pm

Bode tickling CourtneyWe bought a digital camcorder back when Bode was an infant.  We took a few videos, but then ended up chasing him around with the still camera instead.  I decided the other day that it was terrible that we weren’t using it and recording the cute moments with the kids.  Even if we messed up for Bode’s first couple years, we still had a chance with Courtney.  So, I started recording the kids in the morning when we had some extra time.  That led me to motivate on doing something with the recordings rather than having it just on the mini-dv tape.  I wanted the clips on my computer and then wanted to put them on DVD.  So, I got out the manual and found that it wasn’t as simple as buying the cable to connect to my computer.  I needed to buy an extra card to add to my computer for the connection.  $92 later, I have what I wanted!  I haven’t burned anything to DVD yet, but that equipment is sitting and waiting for me already. 

I’ve only spent a moment trying out the built-in software to pull the video into little movie clips.  I’m sure that is one more thing to use up time I probably don’t have.  Anyway, here’s the first clip!!  While I was making breakfast last week, Bode started tickling Courtney.  She was giggling at him.  Such a cute moment.  I had to sneak in with the camcorder.

Since I got started with one, it was easy to add another.  Here’s a clip that I’m calling “Good morning Bode”.  I’ve added a videos page to the site and will be adding more videos there as we go along.

Outdoors19 Mar 2007 06:04 am


You’ve seen the bridge.  Now you can see what will drive over it.  Aaron drooled over ATV catalogs and web sites for weeks.  He hauled the family off to look at them at dealerships.  He debated what color to choose.  Finally, he made a decision and bought a dark green Yamaha Grizzly 700 and a plow and winch to go with it.

 On Friday, Aaron packed it all up and headed north to the land for a little bit of play and work.  He pushed snow around and checked out the trails again with his cousin Brent and his wonderful Uncle Bill.  He claims this was a trip to prepare the area to bring the camper up next weekend.  Although there are some “dwellings” or “cabins” on the land, we’re planning to live in our small but modern and clean camper to start.  Once things thaw out a bit more, we can find out how livable the mobile home is and what kind of ground we have.  It’s been covered in snow since we bought it!

Courtney and Kids13 Mar 2007 08:05 pm

CourtneyLook at this little cutie!  Courtney went in for her 4 month checkup recently.  She’s growing a lot.  She weighed in at 15 pounds 13 ounces and was 24 1/2 inches long!  Beyond the stats, she’s smiling lots and giggling a bit. Toys are more interesting and she reaches and grabs them more every day.  We tried feeding her some cereal, but she didn’t really want to eat it and fussed instead.  Maybe she wasn’t in the mood right then.  Best of all, we have nearly eliminated the middle of the night feedings.  That is good for me.