Bode and Courtney and Family and Kids04 Dec 2011 07:30 pm
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Bode and Courtney and Kids01 Jan 2011 08:57 am

Bode (age 6 – while on the chair lift):

When I grow up I want to make a ski area of my own.

Courtney (age 4 – while at breakfast contemplating the fact that she wanted a robe but didn’t have one and had put robe on her Christmas list for Santa)

When I grow up I want to be Santa…a girl Santa.  I’ll say “ho ho ho” and my kids will be little Santas.

Family and Kids and Outdoors31 Dec 2009 03:30 pm
Courtney took over the hockey stick

Courtney took over the hockey stick

It’s been a week of fun for us with the kids.  Lots of outdoor time.  Too bad the weather is turning even colder now.

Saturday – skiing at Welch Village

Monday – ice skating at the neighborhood rink

Tuesday – sledding at the neighborhood park and hill

Wednesday – skiing at Welch Village again

Thursday – looking to be ice skating at the Rec Center

Family and Kids and Outdoors03 Jul 2009 10:11 pm
Bode and Courtney

Bode and Courtney

We spent nearly a week up at the camper and are back before the 4th of July. Bode absolutely LOVED riding in the tube behind the boat. He decided Dad was a better boat driver than Mom. Mom’s ride was too scary. Oh well…I ended up riding in the tube a lot with him and with Courtney. She thought it was great fun and didn’t want to go too fast. I did learn to take my wakeboard run first. Otherwise, my arms and hands were already fatigued when I tried to wakeboard. The weather wasn’t super warm, but we got a number of boating times in. Aaron’s aunt and uncle were super nice and even put Courtney to sleep in the boat a number of times. She has a tendency to fall asleep when the boat starts running.

The kids enjoy being at the camper. Bode did tons of coloring and it is fun to watch his choices there expand. He also is getting to be quite the reader. It’s amazing to me, but he can make his way through a number of easy books. He tries to read EVERYTHING…shirts, signs, etc. Riding in the car with him is like having a police officer in the back seat. He tells you what all the signs say and lets you know about the solid and dotted lines and what you should and shouldn’t be doing! It’s fun and funny. Courtney loves riding on the 4-wheeler and, much like the boat, has a tendency to be lulled to sleep on it.

Once again the dogs did not get on our good side. I let them out of their kennel one morning and within minutes had encountered a skunk…again. Arghhh! Stinky dogs. They’re not too bad now.

We came back early so Aaron could go skydive with some friends that had been bugging him to compete on a team for the weekend. We’ll join him at the DZ on the 4th for a day of fun hanging out and visiting with friends. Eventually Monday morning will roll around and I’ll be back to reality. Until then, I’m enjoying this time away from work!

Bode and Courtney and Family and Kids and Outdoors12 May 2009 08:51 pm
Bode and Courtney enjoy watching flowers float down the river.

Bode and Courtney enjoy watching flowers float down the river.

We spent our first family weekend at “camperland”.  The weather was pleasant and we spent a lot of time outside.  The kids enjoyed watching dandelions and other flowers float down the river.  They also enjoyed shoveling dirt, driving the gator, riding 4-wheeler and hiking around.  It made for a great Mother’s Day.  They played and played.  They even got to go visit a nearby farm that had llamas, chickens, peacocks, ponies, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds and probably more.  There were lots of baby animals to visit.  Bode loved the chickens and Courtney thought the pigs were very loud.  They were!

I don’t think I’ve posted a picture of the new camper yet.  Lots more room to live in there than the old one.  Also, we’ve managed to keep the dogs out of it so far.  They got a kennel and are learning to accept it.

Our new home

Our new home

The view from the deck in front of the camper.  Beautiful!

The view from the deck in front of the camper. Beautiful!

So long until the next visit.

Bode and Courtney and Kids and Outdoors03 May 2009 05:02 pm
Bode & Courtney

Bode & Courtney try out the inline skates

The kids had fun taking turns using the inline skates I picked up last year. They are Fisher Price adjustable ones I got at Aldi, of all places. Bode is at the max size and Courtney is just big enough for them. It works out ok since I wouldn’t be able to manage both on skates at the same time anyway. They have three wheels which can switch between three in a row to one in front and two side by side in the back for stability. We opt for stability!

They both did a super job and did some skating on their own. I’m looking forward to the day when the family can go out for a skate together.

Bode and Courtney and Kids02 May 2009 08:23 pm
Courtney at Fleet Farm

Courtney at Fleet Farm

The kids cracked me up the other day when we were walking through Home Depot and they started pretending to use the “toilets” on the wall.  Wished I had my camera.  Frustrated by that missed opportunity, I started keeping my little camera in my purse.  It has come in handy.  Walking through Fleet Farm a week or so later, Courtney found the row of toilet seats.  She tried several of them out complete with sound effects.  It was hilarious.

The kids recently finished up swimming lessons.  They had a lot of fun.  Courtney was in the parent/child class and Bode moved up to a class where he got to be in the water alone.  That was fun to watch.

The photo gallery has been a little empty lately.  I was having technical difficulties with it.   I’ve resolved the problems to some degree and there are new photos for April and May in there now.  Go check them out and see the cuteness of Bode and Courtney.  🙂  I’m a little partial to them.

We started getting new flooring in our house yesterday.  They’ll finish it up next week.  Once things get settled back, I’ll post some pictures.  Lots of dust floating around for now.  Bye bye doggie carpet!

We went to the park today to fly Bode’s kite.  I brought the camera and got a lot of cute pictures.  Both kids love the playground.

Courtney and Kids04 Apr 2009 01:46 pm

What a cutie!  Courtney got excited when she found these sunglasses recently.  They used to be Bode’s, but they fit her perfectly now.  You never know what hat she’s going to select when it’s time to go.  This day it was the baby hat with the bear ears.

With Aaron and Bode up taking care of stuff at the camper, it has been a Mom and Courtney weekend.  We’ve been hanging out and reading books and playing.  She’s supposed to be napping right now but decided not to.  She didn’t nap last weekend either!

Courtney is getting to be a big girl.  She has spent a lot of her daycare time in the past couple weeks in the next classroom up.  They say she’s been doing a great job there.  Courtney comes home talking about her friends in that classroom.  Some of them used to be in the toddler room with her several months ago.  New toys and activities are fun too.

Right now Courtney is picking out clothes so we can go to the store.  She’s adding a miniskirt and pink striped tights.  It goes pretty well with the pink t-shirt she has on.  Courtney got the pink t-shirt when Uncle Derik came to visit last week.  She’s worn it at least 5 times already…about as fast as I can wash it.  If it’s clean, she’ll put on.  Well, I better go help her finish getting her tights on.  She’s doing a great job.

Lots of new pictures added to the photo gallery for March and even some for February.  Go check out Courtney on the 4-wheeler.  Too cute!

Bode and Courtney and Family and Kids and Outdoors08 Mar 2009 08:19 pm


Once again, I’m catching up after a big break. January and February are typically slow photo months. By April we should be picking up again. The ones above are from the Denver airport on our way back home after a vacation to Utah. The kids had lots and lots of fun grandmas and grandpa and cousins and an aunt and uncle. They visited the planetarium, aquarium, dinosaur museum, went bowling, to the park and more while Mom and Dad skied. Did the kids ski in Utah? Not this time. Figure there are plenty more chances for that in the future. We did take them out skiing at Welch Village yesterday. Both kids did great. Bode followed Aaron around and was so proud that he skied “green circles, blue squares, and black diamonds.” He said the green circles were his favorite. Their babysitter Nicole was home on spring break and was out skiing. Courtney did so well working with Nicole. She always flopped for me, but Nicole got her skiing by holding onto her hands. She even skied without holding on. Not bad for her second time at age 2. Photos are over in the gallery. I also posted a video of Courtney skiing. Enjoy.

Bode and Courtney and Family and Kids22 Dec 2008 09:15 pm

Courtney opens a present

Want to know a secret? We started opening presents already. We’ll be leaving on Christmas Eve and the kids will be staying at Grandma and Grandpa’s house after we visit for Christmas. We thought it would be better to spread out the opening and give them some time to play with the toys. Maybe some day we’ll wait until Christmas to open all of the presents. One of my favorite memories is getting to open one present on Christmas Eve. You had to think so hard about which one to open. It was always fun when someone would pick the present that you were giving them. We always waited until after church and dinner.

On Sunday, the kids and I played and played with some of the new toys. Courtney received a Barbie zoo doctor toy set. Bode was playing with it and was looking for the doll and cracked me up.

Bode: Where is that barber?

Me: What barber? (really confused)

Bode: That tall barber.

Me: (looking around and pausing) Oh! Barbie? (and I hold her up.)

Bode: Yeah.

Yep. This was our first venture into the world of Barbie. Probably the last time barber and Barbie will be mistaken.

Bode received a book from his school. It was called “School Bus” and is one we checked out from the library before. He had it for a day and I caught him in his room flipping the pages and sounding out the first word on each page to figure out which memorized phrase went with each page. He’s been very into letters, sounds and words lately. We read a lot of books to the kids and yesterday Bode decided he wanted to read the school bus book to Courtney. He sat down on the couch next to her and did a great job. I have a video of the second time he went through it for her. Today Courtney tried to sit on Bode’s lap, like she does for us, when Bode was reading it to her. However, his arms weren’t long enough to hold the book with her there. It’s a lot of fun when they are sweet.

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