Friends and Kids27 Apr 2007 08:37 am

It seems like everybody is having a baby lately.  Lisa and John had a little girl this week.  Julie and Joel just had a little girl last week.  Kristy and Jason had a baby boy about a month ago.  And before that it was Chrissy and Ross having a little boy in February.  Actually, there are even more if you track back to when Courtney was born at the end of October.  Babies, babies, babies. 

Friends and Outdoors15 Feb 2007 09:35 pm

Zach, Jo, Aaron, Ryan

We had another fun night skiing at Welch Village.  Our friends Zach and Ryan joined us.  With red jackets, they blended right in with the ski patrol.  They even helped us out as we closed the hills at the end of the night.  However, Zach got a bit lost.  This is the guy that I trust in the woods when I haven’t seen a sign (or even a trail map) all day.  I’m not quite sure how he missed going over to Dud’s for the bumps, but apparently he veered to the right and had a nice run down Harley’s Hollow wondering where the bumps were.  It was a good time with good friends and that’s always good.  We skied with Ryan at Welch a couple weeks ago when we bumped into him on the hills.  It’s fun to see someone I know excited to go big on the jumps.  Maybe we’ll see these guys out again before the end of the ski season.

Photo credit goes to the fabulous AB.

Friends and Outdoors02 Jan 2007 05:42 am

treeCheck out the link to Zach and the Boys to find out what’s going on up at Giant’s Ridge this time year.  Zach will also keep you posted on their many outdoor adventures.  His kids love to hike, camp and ski.  Maybe they’ll inspire you to get outdoors and enjoy.  Zach is a good friend of ours from college