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Site News02 Jan 2007 05:55 am

Are you looking for pictures of the kids?  Wondering why the littlespacemonkey photo album hasn’t been updated?  Well, I’ve finally made enough progress so that the switchover can begin.  I’ll be updating the *new* House of Hislop Photo Gallery with the new pictures of Bode and Courtney and other Hislop items. 

I’m not getting rid of the littlespacemonkey photo gallery yet, but eventually it will disappear.  Until I move more pictures, the older ones of Bode and some others can still be found over there. 

So…tell your friends, and every one you know, where to find the pictures now.

Site News30 Dec 2006 10:53 am

House of Hislop is up and running. It’s now unleashed on the world. I’m not sure this is how it’ll stay looking, but this gets my indecisive and techno-dabbler-self to settle on something before I’m out of time and back at work. Just find your way over to the photo gallery.  It’ll still be hosted on for a bit, but it too will be moving over to the Hislop world soon.  As of January 1, the photo gallery is over here.  See the new posting about it or just follow the link.